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1. Common Questions

1.1. What should I do if I have not found an answer to your question?
Use the following form to ask your question site administration.

2. Rank and rating

2.1. Why not give me another rank?
Assignment of a rank or demotion occurs at midnight (when the carriage turns into a pumpkin), at this moment recalculated rating of all players.
2.2. Why not give me another rank?
Papa Buba Diop knows answer.
2.3. Yes, who this Papa Buba Diop?!
Shh! (Looking back). This is Classified information.
2.4. Why is my IQ is not increased?
Scaling your IQ is not done immediately, and at midnight - in the morning you wake up, look at the site - you have a new IQ, and even a new title!.
2.5. What and how is IQ?
IQ is considered by all parties played you. If nobody on the planet Earth is not played a game better than you, then your IQ rating is added 1. So, if you repeat someones best result in the next Tower, your rating will increase by 1 point. Provided that you do not previously shown result, of course

3. Money matters

3.1. What is the real cost of SMS when you send a game from my phone?
See Page Cost of outgoing SMS

4. Technical

4.1. Why is the game is not installed on my super-puper PDA with Windows Mobile?
Many communicators with Windows Mobile installed JVM does not support the possibility of sending an SMS from a Java application (such as Intent Tao Group Limited)... If you install a more "advanced" JVM(for example Esmertec JBed), all perfectly installed and working. See also the page of supported phones.